Real Estate Realities - August 2007

Here’s a quick note to let you know how I can help you or anyone you might refer to me.

Two years ago I helped Megan purchase her one-bedroom condo, and when she called to tell me she’d just received a promotion and a significant raise, I was delighted to hear it. Megan was ready to move up, so we set an appointment for the next afternoon.

At our meeting, I asked Megan about her goals, and she said her top priority was moving into a house with a yard – and no shared walls. I asked if she would consider the possible advantages of keeping the condo, taking out some equity to use as a down payment on the house, & using the condo’s rental income to help with the house payment. Her first response was, “My new job has a lot of new responsibilities! I don’t want to be a landlord too!” I offered to put her in touch with one of my Strategic Alliance Partners who manages a number of rental properties in San Francisco & after they met, she decided to give the arrangement a 12-month trial. We began our search for her new home. By keeping her condo and purchasing her next property, Megan took a giant step toward a more secure future.

The best way to buy and sell real estate is with a long-term plan. Who’s the next person you know who should be thinking long-term? Be sure to give me a call to discuss how we can let them know about my services.

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