The Noe Valley neighborhood is close to my heart. I’ve worked here, sold real estate here, and feel like a part of the community. And it’s also part of what makes me an ideal real estate agent for people looking to buy or sell homes in Noe Valley. Take a look at the wonderful amenities Noe Valley has to offer:

Noe Valley: A Great Place to Stay Fit!

The wide streets in Noe Valley make it an ideal neighborhood for cycling. You’ll often see residents on their bikes, whether they’re on their way to a neighborhood store or venturing further into the city. The Noe Valley hills offer some amazing views, and are a great motivator for going out on a walk or a neighborhood bike trip. Noe Valley also offers several top notch gyms and fitness centers to help keep you in shape!

Raising Families in Noe Valley

The tight-knit neighborhood vibe of Noe Valley makes this San Francisco hot spot a safe and welcoming place to raise a family. There are plenty of programs for children within the neighborhood and both stores and restaurants aim to please by being family-friendly. Plus, Noe Valley boasts some of the best elementary schools in San Francisco. Throw parks and playgrounds into the mix, and Noe Valley becomes the perfect location for families.

Noe Valley is a Village within the City

Noe Valley offers the best of two worlds: big city access with all the charm of a quaint little village. It’s like the Cheers of San Francisco, where everybody knows your name and you’re always greeted by smiling faces. Farmers markets, Victorian houses, locally-owned shops, and family-run restaurants make all aspects of this community feel like a small town, but all of the big city amenities are just a few blocks away. With the many transit spots and easy freeway access, stepping outside the village community is a breeze.

It’s not just people who reap the benefits of these pleasantries- Noe Valley is pet-friendly, too. Four-legged animal friends can enjoy wide open spaces to romp and roam at the dog parks, while feathered, scaled, and finned companions will be well-taken care of at the boutique pet shops, where you can everything you need for these extra members of your family.

Having a real estate agent who is part of the fabric of the Noe Valley community–who knows the ins and outs of the neighborhood–will help you make a good decision about where you’re going to buy your home. Check out the testimonials in this video and see for yourself:


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