As an animal lover and guardian to two “special-needs” Pomeranians, I am sensitive to the plight of abandoned pets.

You Tube Video: Pets Abadoned Due to Foreclosure

Whether through natural disaster or more recently through homeowner or tenant displacement (think homeowner’s foreclosure or eviction of tenant due to landlord’s foreclosure), it is just awful that animals (mostly cats and dogs, I think) are being abandoned in record-breaking numbers.

These animals depend on their human companions to keep them safe and cared for….it was certainly not their choice to get evicted from their homes because their “owner” or their “owner’s” landlord took out a Neg-Am loan or bought 5 investment properties with a line of credit!

Starting in January 2009, there will be some legal assistance for their little guys… As per usual, California is on the vanguard, enacting legislation that is ahead of the curve.

According to the Department of Real Estate’s Legal Report, landlords and REO lenders (lenders who take back foreclosed upon property) must take possession of abandoned animals and give them to the appropriate animal care and control location.

“Landlords and REO Lenders Must Take Charge of Abandoned Animals: Effective January 1, 2009, any person or private entity with whom a live animal has been “involuntarily deposited” must take charge of it, if able to do so, and immediately notify animal control officials to retrieve the animal. An “involuntary deposit” includes the abandonment of a live animal on a property that has been vacated upon, or immediately preceding, the termination of a lease or foreclosure of the property. The animal control officers who respond can secure a lien to recover the rescue cost, but this law imposes no other liability upon a depositary who complies with these rules. Assembly Bill 2949.”

What can you do to help?

Foster or adopt an abandoned animal. Donate money or time to an animal rescue organization. Offer to help a neighbor who may be forced to abandon their pet.



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