San Francisco’s Civic Center hosts gorgeous architecture, wonderful museums, and beautiful theaters. An easy BART ride away, this San Francisco neighborhood has brought people together from across the Bay for everything from tourism to holiday parades, and even to exercise civic duties in protests and marches. Learn more about the city’s plans for rejuvenating the Civic Center neighborhood and the ice rink slated to open in front of city hall this November.

Revamping Civic Center

Like many areas of San Francisco, the Civic Center has experienced some rough times. However, the city is now focusing more attention on it and has increased funding to see it reach its full potential as a community hub and family-friendly space. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, proposed concepts for improving the space include narrowing nearby streets to make them more pedestrian friendly, installing more green space to promote wellness, and even adding in retail spaces for local businesses. All of these upgrades will make the area an attractive place to spend a Sunday afternoon or grab a lunch hour to enjoy the Asian Art Museum.

Winter Fun at Civic Center

Of course, one of the most exciting new efforts that we’ll be seeing this November is the winter park that will include a 6,000 square foot ice rink in front of City Hall. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the rink will be open on November 1st from noon to 10pm and is set to be a headlining event for the city as well as one of the most family-friendly events in San Francisco. Food from the Off the Grid location as well as the Bi-Rite Café (opening soon!) will also be open so visitors will be able to skate, eat, and enjoy their community. Tenderloin students will also be receiving free admission to the park.

Our Civic Center Favorites

While exciting plans are in the works, Civic Center already boasts plenty of San Francisco’s hotspots including the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium (which hosts some of the city’s most popular concerts), The War Memorial Opera House, and the Asian Art Museum. The Civic Center also has excellent neighbors like Twitter HQ, the esteemed UC Hastings College of the Law, as well as local eateries like Philz Coffee, Blue Bottle, The Warfield, and Off the Grid. The Civic Center neighborhood has plentiful developments of new and remodeled homes and apartments and with the city’s help, Civic Center is going to be one of the fastest up and coming neighborhoods in San Francisco.

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