It’s not exactly real-estate related….yet I want to share this neat gift idea. Destination Dinners is a fun, yummy, and totally unique way to wish someone a happy holiday season. They are perfect for thank-yous too!

The concept is that you get a beautiful box complete with everything you’ll need to create a snazzy international dinner, except the fresh food.



For example, we made a Bangladesh chicken dish and only needed to purchase the chicken! It was easy and a lot of fun.


Check out their website for more info & enjoy.

Show your friends, family, clients that you are a well-traveled cook, even if you’re not! The box sets are great for dinner parties too and do not require a degree from the CCA! Promise…

Happy gift-giving!

* Destination Dinners will be featured on Wednesday Dec 12th – 3PM PST’s View From the Bay too. Check out the buzz.

** Know of a neat local San Francisco business or product? Let us know!

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