It’s like low rise jeans. If 2 weeks ago were the Ultra Skinny Low-Rise rates, today’s mortgage rates for a home in San Francisco (Bernal Heights, Mission Dolores, Noe Valley, Pacific Heights, etc) are still Skinny, Low-Rise but minus the Ultra. In other words, interest rates for your new home are still low enough to cause muffin top (of the excellent variety) but not so low that you’re letting it all hang out.

Okay, have I totally lost you? Bottom line: today’s home loan rates are up about a quarter point or 0.25% from 2 weeks ago. For example, a 30 Year Fixed Rate Conforming (up to $417,000 loan amount) are 4.25% with 1 point and a 30 Year Fixed Rate Jumbo (up to $1,000,000 loan amount) is 5.375% with 1 point. San Francisco home buyers (and definitely  you SF first time home buyers) take heed. If you’re gainfully employed and ready for responsible home ownership, you may want to start looking sooner than later. (Did you know that the Holidays are an excellent time to be a San Francisco home buyer? More on that later!)

Click on the PDF below for a chart of this week’s home loan interest rates for San Francisco property, brought to you by the Zephyr Mortgage Team at Guarantee Mortgage.


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