If your life were a movie with you as the star and Old World Food Truck as your co-star, you would read the menu for its Hanukkah Celebration Pop-Up Dinner, turn, look longingly into its dreamy headlights and say “You had me at Latke tasting”.

The Old World Food Truck is throwing their 2nd Annual Hanukkah Pop-Up Dinner December 8 and 9, 2012 in the Inner Mission, San Francisco. There is no better way to start the holiday of The Festival of Lights than by enjoying an amazing meal prepared by Chef Kenny Hockert at San Francisco’s Inner Mission coffee (and informal workspace) mecca, Coffee Bar.  [mappress mapid=”5″]

With a menu “highlighting the holiday’s love affair with fried foods”, there is no way this dinner can go wrong.  All year long your taste buds “suffer” through burgers, spicy kung pao tofu, Whisky cocktails, countless glasses of California reds and it’s time show them some real love – treat them to this Hanukkah feast.

Dear Reader, do not finish reading this post.  Go directly to the Eventbrite page (tickets are $55.00 + a $4.02 Fee) and reserve your spots for Dec 8th or 9th because at this time only the 6:00 pm seating is still available.  Then, come back here to read the rest of the post for more information.

Cover Art for Let's Make Latkes

A few quick notes:  the menu is not Kosher, vegetarian options are available, a $15 wine pairing will be available for purchase at the event, find your Menorah, and check that you have enough Hanukkah candles. Last but not least, Hanukkah begins in the evening of Saturday, December 8, 2012, and ends in the evening of Sunday, December 16, 2012, in case you needed to mark your calendar.


The Hanukkah Celebration Menu

Latke Tasting
Parsnip & Celery Root
Sweet Potato & Leek
with apple sauce and spiced sour cream

Pickled Veal Tongue
Watercress, raisin verjus, and Pumpernickel crouton


Pickled Beets (vegetarian option)
Watercress, raisin verjus, Point Reyes blue cheese and Pumpernickel crouton


Dark Chicken Consommé
Liver kreplach, greens, dill & “soup nuts”


Vegetable Consommé (vegetarian option)
Winter squash kreplach, greens, dill & “soup nuts”


Salmon & Kugel
Lightly smoked and cured with horseradish salsa verde and wild mushroom kugel


Holishka & Kugel (vegetarian option)
Savoy cabbage roll stuffed with wild rice, nuts and herbs, horseradish salsa verde and mushroom kugel


Hanukkah donuts filled with seasonal preserves and candied cranberry

If you miss this splendid event, you can find Old World Food Truck parked in San Francisco neighborhoods and in the East Bay at places such as Diamond Dining Truck Stop in San Francisco’s Design District, SoMa StrEAT Food Park in South of Market and Off the Grid Southside Berkeley.

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