If you are behind on your mortgage or worry you will be once your rate begins adjusting, the key is not to panic and to face reality.  Often, it is our desire to live in denial that makes a bad situation, worse. Much worse. Think ruined credit and bankruptcy.

Facing your situation head-on and proactively can save your credit and hopefully, your home. If you are headed for a rate adjustment, call a mortgage broker! A good mortgage consultant may be able to refinance you with little or no fees to an affordable rate.

If you want referrals for reliable, respectful mortgage lenders, let me know. The Chronicle has a good read on what to do. Check out “Act Fast if Behind on Mortgage.” The ideal situation is to avoid this situation before it occurs but life happens and when it does, we must act and then, move on. So, ask for help. There are many of us in the real estate community that are here to help you.

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