Earlier this week, Danielle Lazier was invited by a client to give a Home Buying Brown Bag Lunch presentation at EHDD Architecture.  Along with Phillip Cannon, a top broker at Guarantee Mortgage, Danielle met with several employees at EHDD* and talked with them about San Francisco home buying. Danielle described the role of the Real Estate Agent, revealed some of her secret sauce that makes buying a home in San Francisco an enjoyable process and discussed the current climate for home buyer’s in San Francisco.  Philip handled the financial side of things – he talked about mortgages and rates and fielded questions about down payments and what’s involved in pre-qualifying for a home loan.

Here are the touchpoints from the presentation:

  • The process of getting pre-approved and the benefits of securing pre-approval before you start your home search
  • How Real Estate agents work: how agents get paid, the services a buyer’s agent provides, why it’s best to be represented by  your own buyers agent (and not the listing agent)
  • How to choose a Real Estate agent
  • Getting your offer accepted in the competitive San Francisco real estate market
  • Home buying and escrow timelines
  • Predictions for the San Francisco & Bay Area real estate markets
  • The ever-present specter of “low inventory” in San Francisco and the Bay Area

And here’s a peek at Danielle and Phillip in action:

*Have you been to the Exploratorium since it moved to Pier 15 in San Francisco? If you have, then you’ve been inside an EHDD designed building – one of their most recent projects and quite a fabulous one at that!

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