Does it seem like there is a Whole Foods on every corner? It does to us and to satisfy our curiosity, we researched and holy cow, there are 8 locations in San Francisco!

Seems a bit crazy because most cities don’t even have one!

Although Whole Foods is well known for their wide selection of organic and food allergy friendly products, their nickname has long been “Whole Paycheck.” Interestingly, over time, as their size has grown and consumer tastes have evolved, we’d argue that this is less and less true. Looking to revise their reputation as a Soccer Mom only grocery store, Whole Foods decided to grow. The bigger they get, the more they buy and the more competitive their prices become. Good news for us San Francisco foodies!

Their latest strategy to develop multiple, “right-size” stores in multiple neighborhoods within one city, um hello 10 in SF, is interesting to us from a real estate perspective. You’d agreed that Whole Foods must have quite a smart real estate R&D team behind them, right? In our minds, follow the Whole Foods, follow the home values.

Insider Tip:

If you’re a frequent Whole Foods shopper looking to save a few bucks then check out the The Whole Deal which offers monthly coupons, budget friendly recipes and tips to save money.  If nothing less, enjoy the shorter lines and shop on, San Francisco!

San Francisco Whole Foods Locations:

SF Whole Foods

A. Whole Foods Market

399 4th St, San Francisco, California ‎

(415) 618-0066 ‎ · wholefoodsmarket.com

3.9126 reviews · $$$

B. Whole Foods Market

690 Stanyan St, San Francisco, CA ‎

(415) 876-6740 ‎ · wholefoodsmarket.com

3.929 reviews · $$$

C. Whole Foods Market

1765 California St, San Francisco, CA ‎

(415) 674-0500 ‎ · wholefoodsmarket.com

3.762 reviews · $$$

D. Whole Foods Market

450 Rhode Island St, San Francisco, CA ‎

(415) 552-1155 ‎ · wholefoodsmarket.com

3.938 reviews · $$$

E. Whole Foods Market – Noe Valley

3950 24th St, San Francisco, California ‎

(415) 282-4700 ‎ · wholefoodsmarket.com

4.130 reviews · $$$

F. Whole Foods Market

1150 Ocean Ave, San Francisco, CA ‎

(415) 333-7400 ‎ · wholefoodsmarket.com

4.26 reviews · $$$

3.326 reviews ·

I. Whole Foods Market

2001 Market St, San Francisco, CA ‎

(415) 626-1430 ‎ · wholefoodsmarket.com

4.86 reviews · $$$



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