It’s a Seller’s Market in San Francisco, dontcha know?

Recently, I sent an email out to my client base about the current San Francisco seller’s real estate market…how we are experiencing a lack of listing inventory and a STRONG seller’s market in many SF neighborhoods. This means multiple bids and substantially increased sales prices for many properties and San Francisco home sellers. Today’s home buyers are motivated and many of them have buckets of cash to spend. Why not let them spend it on your house?

In other words, if you were a would-be San Francisco home seller over the past 4 years but were gun-shy to list because of the market downturn or maybe you did list and it didn’t work out as planned, I’m here to tell you that the market turned back last year (at least here in San Francisco) and it is time to reconsider your options.

Since I shared this with my (incredibly expansive!) network, I thought why not share it with the world, or at least my half a dozen SFhotlist readers! πŸ˜‰

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Very recent (Q4 2012 and Q1 2013) examples of the newly improved market taken from our business (these are not “urban legends”):

San Francisco Home Sellers:

1. Clients sold their Sunset single family home for 31% more than they paid A YEAR AGO!

2. Clients sold their Haight Ashbury condo for 8% more than they paid for it at the top of the market!

3. Clients sold their Inner Sunset single family home for 14% more than they paid for it at the top of the market!

4. Clients sold their Bernal Heights condo for 28% more than they paid for it in 2009!

San Francisco Home Buyers:

1. Client competed against 38 other home buyers to win his Lower Pacific Heights condo.

2. Client competed against 12+ other offers to win a Sunset single family home, beating out an all-cash bid.

3. Client used our network to find a pre-MLS Duboce Triangle multi-unit building and beat out a higher-priced offer.

If you’ve wanted to sell but weren’t sure if it was time yet, let’s discuss your situation. You may be pleasantly surprised. (One of these happy home sellers just Yelped us. Check it out.)

If you are a would-be San Francisco home buyer, don’t fret. We’ve successfully navigated this market and placed our clients into value-oriented properties, many off-market. You gotta hustle a bit to make it work right now but we’re doing it! πŸ™‚

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