Ripped from the coffee shop…or rather what I was asked today while getting an Americano.

The question is how much have single family homes in San Francisco gone down in value over the past 6 months? This is a great question! How has the stock market crash affected the housing market?

Of course, as you know, I hate looking at broad statistics. San Francisco is too big and variant to yield particularly helpful results if we look City-wide. Excelsior’s market has little to do with that of Pacific Heights, you know?

Yet, for a macro-perspective and for ***** & giggles, let us see.

This graph is for all single family homes in all of San Francisco. You can see that the median value fell 12.8% since June.

Although the median value is more helpful than the average, these statistics remain misleading. Our market has so many different types of homes. A super luxury sale can swing the numbers as can the fire-sales in the outer-lying neighborhoods.

Ask me about your particular neighborhood.

Check out a full version of the report HERE.

A home buyer on Trulia just asked about home values in Pacific Heights since June. Here you go!

Please note the number of homes sold. This is a VERY exclusive market so statistics here are based on so few homes…. Yet, it seems the value has not changed! View the entire report for Pacific Heights home values.

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