The San Francisco real estate market has not fallen off of a cliff. I repeat. The San Francisco real estate market has not fallen off of a cliff. We did stumble, correct our gait but as of last year, we are stable and moving forward. I read the news and I, too, am amazed at the resiliency of our local housing market. But really, is it so amazing?

We have:

a small amount of land (7×7 and much of it is parks), very low inventory, tight zoning laws, inefficient planning and building codes, multiple economic sectors that continue to thrive (biotech, high-tech, social, even financial services), fabulous restaurants, vista, parks, shopping, and a vibrant multicultural population from all over the world. In summary, we have more people who want to live in San Francisco than we have housing.

So, if you want to live here and better yet, you want to own your own piece of the pie, you better get serious because the best listings for sale will have competition and you want to be ready.

  • Get pre-approved for a home loan. Learn what you can afford monthly and how much down payment you have to spend. Choosing an exceptional loan agent is crucial to your success and sanity.
  • Do some initial research. Start looking around online for a home. The truth is that we will really help you to clarify what you want and figure out the best homes for you but it is helpful to do some broad research on your own as well. What does your budget get you in San Francisco or in the neighborhood you love (Noe Valley, Mission Dolores, Pacific Heights, Bernal Heights, etc)? Feel free to use our accurate San Francisco MLS search site whenever you’d like. Zillow, Trulia, and Redfin are great but the information is not always up-to-date and you may hear (repeatedly) from a sales agent.
  • Come in for an initial consultation. The initial consultation gives us a chance to go over your goals in more detail, answer questions about the process, discuss current market conditions, explain how we work, and see if we are the right real estate consultants to help you without any pressure or obligation. There is no cost to sit down with us or to have us help you with your purchase because the buyer’s agent is paid through the seller’s proceeds at the close of escrow. Of course, we do expect you to be “serious”. We will go to the mat for you to help you get what you want so it’s gotta be a good fit.

More about the process of buying a home in San Francisco can be found here.

There are plenty of agents out there who will work with anyone. We’re not one of them. We work with serious home buyers because we are so dedicated to getting you what you want that, frankly, it’s just too

We are professionals. We have standards. We have been consistently successful, every year since 2002 because every year, we focus on our clients and their goals.  We are not stressed out about our own financial situation so we can be focused on you and your goals. But, it’s a two-way street. You must be focused on your goals as well. If you are not serious, not motivated, and frankly, not friendly, please don’t call us. But, if you are serious, you do (more or less) know what you want, you are realistic about the market and what you can afford, and you want our help to clarify your goals, understand the process better, save time, make good, informed decisions, generally, have more fun while buying a home, then please do give us a call because you, my friend, are the clients we love to help.

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