The Disdain of Gen Y towards Bluetooth Headsets: Hell No!

Insider tip from the pros! According to our local real estate board, Gen Yers find those who wear their headsets as a permanent accessory to be uncool.

They write: “What do Gen Yers think of people who walk around wearing Bluetooth headsets? Well, a new study shows that they consider them to be decidedly “uncool” and an indication the wearer is not giving them his or her full attention.” The article goes on to recommend that we take off our headsets when dealing with a Gen Y client! As someone who straddles Gen X and Gen Y depending on how you define them, I must agree. Why must the earpiece be worn 24/7? First of all, it looks strange. Second, you appear to always be on the phone. Is that the point? Third, I find the earpieces terribly uncomfortable! So, I try to take them on and off. This is hardly a solution and is the most likely answer to why I’ve now gone through 3 of them. Well, that and the fact that I keep losing the little darlings.

What’s a busy agent to do? I certainly don’t want the neck aches that come from cocking the head to hold the phone and I certainly don’t want to seem decidedly uncool.

Got an answer for me? I’m all ears, as it were.

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