Danielle Lazier Real Estate Newsletter: May 26, 2021

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Whoever said “you can’t be everywhere at once” surely hadn’t heard of open floor plans.

Knock down a few walls, and all at once you can cook, watch the kids, entertain guests, and wonder what became of your personal space.

I jest — there’s much to be said for the open-concept!

But for some, defined spaces are making a comeback.

By eerie coincidence, today’s homebuyers (and home remodelers) find distinct rooms appealing for reasons similar to their 19th-century counterparts.

Defined Spaces and Victorian Homes

In Victorian times, disease ran rampant. Thus, Victorian homes were built with private chambers to sequester ill family members and allow at-home doctor visits.

Flash forward, and a novel disease kept us mostly indoors, sharing limited space for well over a year. Does it sound so bad anymore to have a separate office, schoolroom, playroom and parlor?

The WSJ chronicled a new trend among San Franciscans of embracing the defined spaces of their Victorian homes and restoring them to their original glory. For those interested in historic architecture and design, it’s a worthy read.

In the end, being in your right place extends beyond a floor plan. It’s your neighborhood, your amenities, your proximity to friends, your favorite restaurant and more.

Wherever you belong, we’re always here to discuss your goals and help you make them happen.

As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out with any real estate-related questions. We are very happy (and grateful!) to help you and anyone you send our way!


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