You found your dream home in San Francisco, summer is coming, and it’s time to prepare for the change of seasons. San Francisco summers are foggy, and although our summers aren’t snowy or have below-zero temperatures, they can get quite cold. Low clouds block the sun and damp fogs cover the city with a cool mist. Believe it or not, you will need to protect your home from this weather every year in order to preserve its beauty, value, and functionality. Living the dream in San Francisco still comes with a few home maintenance responsibilities, so here’s what you should know:

Maintaining Your Windows

San Francisco homes can get quite drafty because of older windows, loosened panes, damage to the frames, or a general lack of insulation in the walls. Do a walk-around from the inside and out. Check to make sure the sealants and weather-stripping are still in tact and doing their job. Check the window frames and parts for any rust, corrosion, holes, or leaking. If there are gaps or holes in the frame, you will need to repair your windows with the appropriate filler to keep your home properly insulated and save energy. You may have to regularly clean your window glass, since the constant mist and fog can also create a buildup of salt and dirt. Make sure you clean the frames and screens as well.

Maintaining Your Home Exterior

While you’re checking your windows, you might as well check the siding of your home. Power wash if needed and repair any damage. Since San Francisco is extra wet and foggy in the summer, it’s important to maintain the parts of your home exterior made of metal, such as gutters, railings, or furniture. To keep your home in good repair and prevent rust or corrosion, make sure you regularly clean metal surfaces. Do not use abrasive cleaners like bleach or ammonia.

Because of its proximity to the coast, homes in the San Francisco Bay Area collect moisture and salt from the air. Cleaning with a mild detergent (check out these eco-friendly cleaners) can help prevent a buildup of salt and other corrosive damage. Make sure you rinse these surfaces with water and pat dry to prevent rust.

To stay on top of your home maintenance in San Francisco during the summer, do a weekly inspection of your house, checking all metal work for rust or corrosion, and looking for general damage to paint, windows, and the house’s exterior. If paint has faded, worn out, or chipped, it’s important to repaint in order to prevent the metal from corrosion. Don’t wait until the problem gets worse! Early treatment of rust and corrosion will prevent the problem from becoming much worse and costly.

Gutters are important for protecting your home because they redirect water that comes down on your roof. Remove all the leaves that have built up to ensure your gutters don’t get clogged and overflow. Look for signs of rust, leaks, or corrosion. While you’re at it, inspect your roof for cracked or worn down shingles.


Part of maintaining your San Francisco dream home will be keeping the outside landscaping as beautiful as can be! You don’t have to go the full nine yards; just keep what’s already out there looking fresh and taken care of. After all, you don’t want overgrown garden beds full of weeds and half-dead plants! Over time it will become more work that is a lot harder to ignore, so start early and nip it right in the bud. If you don’t have room for landscaping, invest in some succulents. They keep well in pots and require little maintenance.

Outdoor Furniture

If your San Francisco dream home has a porch or patio, you will have some maintenance when it comes to outdoor space and furniture. The summer fog often leaves a wet blanket behind, and over time this can damage certain surfaces, cushions, and pillows. Cover up outdoor furniture when they’re not in use to help keep them clean and free from salty build up or mildew. Over time, dirt and moisture can cause certain surfaces to mold. You also want your furniture to avoid being in direct sunlight for too long because it will eventually cause fading. If you have wicker furniture, you should clean it regularly.

Maintaining Your Dream Home In San Francisco

Maintain your San Francisco dream home with these simple tips to prevent structural damage, save energy, and keep everything functioning properly. If you are interested in learning more about essential elements for outdoor spaces or how to find your dream home in San Francisco, we can help!

How to Find Your Dream Home in San Francisco

The best way to find your dream home in San Francisco is to work with an experienced real estate agent. Over 90% of San Francisco’s home sales include a buyer’s agent because of how competitive the market is and how fast the homes are selling. Hiring a top San Francisco Realtor will not increase the cost of the property for you; it is the seller who has to pay the commission. From price negotiations to planning for home inspections, a good agent will guide you through the homebuying process and act as your fiduciary (the highest standard of care) to protect your interests.

Interested in finding your San Francisco dream home? Get in touch with Danielle Lazier :: SFhotlist Team and Compass San Francisco and see what we can do for you!

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