You may have heard of Mint Hill, the beautiful neighborhood in the shape of a perfect triangle in the center of San Francisco. It’s where the US Mint used to sit, overlooking the intersection of Market and Duboce. Now called Duboce Triangle, it is one of the more affordable remaining real estate treasures in the city. But as people continue to discover the quiet and artsy neighborhood, demand for real estate rises. Adjacent to Noe Valley, it’s fast becoming a popular place to live among working professionals and families. Hop on one of the city’s historic streetcars and it’ll take you straight there!

Location and Climate

Duboce Triangle is located near the center of the city, nestled between Lower Haight, the Castro, and the Mission District. The triangle follows Market Street, Castro Street, and Duboce Avenue.

Blocked from the ocean by the Twin Peaks, Duboce Triangle gets less of the fog than much of the rest of the city. The variety of small, local green spaces take full advantage of the warmer microclimate, with the Duboce Park dog park and walking paths in nearby Buena Vista Park. It’s central enough to be readily connected to the transit system, but off the beaten path enough to allow for a slower pace and quieter atmosphere.

Neighborhood Highlights

Duboce Park is a favorite spot for locals, complete with a huge manicured green space. It sports a children’s playground, dog park, basketball courts, and a dog-free lawn. Duboce Park’s other claim to fame is its role as San Francisco’s official weather observation site.

Known for its photo center, the Harvey Milk Recreation Center welcomes San Franciscans with a variety of classes and arts programming, along with summer camps, and a dance studio. You can find the Harvey Milk Recreation Center program here and Photo Center classes here.

Cyclists often take advantage of a mile-long path right through the neighborhood affectionately called “the wiggle.” It’s a bicycle-only shortcut that bypasses some messy road traffic, maximizing biker safety and dramatically lowering commute times.

The neighborhood and surrounding areas has plenty of options for music halls, theatres, and other performing arts spots. Even more? There is a wide selection of restaurants from diverse regions and culinary traditions.

Around Market and 17th, Duboce Triangle has a huge variety of unique and high-end dining options. Also on offer: a robust nightlife and a smattering of mom-and-pop retail spots, mostly catering to an artsy crowd. Exploring the neighborhood’s nooks and crannies is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

History & Character

Duboce Triangle has rough roots, like much of the San Francisco. For a time, it was a tough neighborhood, though it’s since been reclaimed. Indeed the municipality spent a federal “slum clearance” grant to revitalize the neighborhood. New trees were planted and utility wires were buried. The sidewalks were widened and the streets deliberately narrowed to decrease car traffic and keep the area firmly residential.

Duboce Triangle was spared the onslaught of the mid-twentieth century’s flat, blocky housing common to much of the Western Addition. Rather, the original Victorian and Edwardian houses, a staple of Duboce Triangle’s real estate, were beautified and cemented as part of the neighborhood.

Today, Duboce Triangle stands as a perfect example of one of the smaller, artistic, relatively quiet, sometimes quirky residential neighborhoods that San Francisco is so famous for. It’s a great spot to snatch up your perfect slice of San Francisco real estate.

Duboce Triangle Real Estate

The original Victorian and Edwardian homes, often with oak floors and redwood panels, don’t stay on the market for long. Average listing prices are about $1,500,00. Surprised? The market is less competitive for buyers than other neighborhoods in similar parts of the city.  

Danielle Lazier + Associates

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