Mic Check. I get to speak at Inman Real Estate Connect in Downtown San Francisco!

Inman Connect Real Estate San Francisco

Next week, I’ll be speaking on a panel about internet marketing for real estate. As an avid real estate blogger and internet marketer for the past 12+ years, this is a topic on which I am passionate. Much has changed since SFhotlist was founded in 2002 but the basic principles of how to turn “internet leads” into real clients – San Francisco home buyers and sellers – remains the same. Provide  transparent information about real estate listings and the process of buying or selling a home and be responsive to the folks who contact you with questions or for help.

Personally, I am not looking for the crowds on the listing aggregator websites. I am looking for the select few San Francisco home buyers and sellers who are beginning the process of finding a real estate agent. These buyers and sellers want concierge-level service, intelligent advice and ethical assistance from their real estate agent. That’s what our team of San Francisco real estate experts has to offer!

So, I am very excited to speak my gospel on the topic of online real estate marketing. And let’s be real, I do love an audience. 😉

Talk soon,


Here is my online bio for the Inman Connect Real Estate San Francisco conference.

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