When buying or selling residential property in California, a title is involved. Ownership of a title can be complicated — a title to property in California may be held by an individual in Sole Ownership, for example, or by more than one individual in Co-Ownership. And within each of these types of ownership, there are several variations.  There are a few common ways to hold title to property in San Francisco and having an understanding of these ways is helpful for home owners as well as buyers.

Danielle Lazier and the collective do a great job of explaining and de-mystifying your specific real estate transaction (Tanya Dzhibrailova is a stellar top agent), whether you are selling your single-family home in Noe Valley or buying into a TIC in the Mission…and everything in between. Contact Danielle and the team to discuss buying or selling your home. In the meantime, take a look at this great resource from Fidelity Title on concurrent co-ownership. The easy-to-read chart offers valuable information.

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NOTE: As Fidelity National Title points out, the descriptions of these common ways to take title in California are provided for informational purposes only.  It should not be used to determine how you hold title.

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