All real estate is local. Okay, yes, we are all affected by national and international economics, such as the recent credit crunch. BUT, how we are affected depends on where we live.

California is not equal. San Francisco is not Fresno. Alameda is not Albany. And so on.

Want to know how your City and County faired this year over last. Check out the attached PDF with the Median Home Sales Price July 2007 compared with July 2006.

The results are surprising…

San Francisco City and County: Median Home Price is up 2.90%

Sonoma County: Overall Median Home Price is down 3.61% BUT…

Geyserville is UP 17.24% while Guerneville is DOWN 31.95%.

Of course, take these statistics like all others with a grain of salt. The Median Home Sales Price is only good for an overall picture. To find out how your home has faired you must look even closer…

For example, right now in San Francisco, single family homes in the Sunset continue to fly off of the shelves, while lofts & condos take a little longer to sell.

In general, the San Francisco real estate market is vibrant & healthy, despite what you may have heard. Yet, Fall 2007 brings a vastly different real estate market than in recent years. It’s complicated, somewhat random, and all about the financing.

File Attachment: California Home Sale Price Medians by City July.PDF (225 KB)

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