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If you are planning to sell a condo in Noe Valley — or any home, anywhere, for that matter — how much does timing and strategy come into play?

We’ve been selling homes in the SF Bay Area for over 20 years, through seller’s markets, buyer’s markets, booms and busts. One thing we’ve seen time and again is that no one truly, perfectly times the market. To sell at the absolute tip-top, or buy at the very rock-bottom of home prices, only really happens by happy accident.

So, when is the right time to buy or sell a home?

In our experience, it’s when the time is right for you: your family, finances and goals are priority number one. If it feels like the right time, then talk to your agent, talk to your lender, definitely talk to your spouse or partner if you have one, and see if the math and options make sense. If so, we’ll help you make it happen!

However… That’s not to say that timing does not matter at all. On the contrary, timing is a vital part of our strategic repertoire to get your home sold for top dollar.

The following San Francisco real estate case study is a great example of how strategic timing and nimble decision-making can pay off big. Here’s how we recently helped to sell a Noe Valley condo.

The backyard of 138 27th St, a Noe Valley condo sold by Vivre Real Estate, with a brick paver patio and wood chairs, surrounded by lush green landscaping.
The beautiful backyard of a Noe Valley condo real estate listing sold by Vivre Real Estate.

Context is Everything

Real estate really is a marketplace. Buying or selling, it’s important to consider not just the broad market trends, but also to dig into what’s actually on the market in your hyper-local neighborhood.

How many homes are available—houses, condos, TICs? What’s the price point? How does your property as a seller, or your wish list and budget as a buyer, fit into the context of what’s up for sale?

Selling a Noe Valley Victorian Condo

When we connected our seller clients at 138 27th St, a beautiful Victorian condo flat in Noe Valley, we identified a lack of other quality condos for sale in the neighborhood this summer. Our clients were ready to sell, and they agreed we should fill that niche and get their home on the market quickly.

The living room in 138 27th St with a fireplace and chandelier, where we helped to sell a condo in Noe Valley
The front living room in the Noe Valley condo

Timing + Strategy = Results

With a plan to list the Noe Valley condo as soon as possible, we put our whole team and proven systems to work. (You learn a thing or two after 800+ home sales.)

Leveraging our vetted professional network, we coordinated touch-ups, improvements and contemporary home staging to make the property appeal to the broadest swath of local buyer tastes. We hired our outstanding photography vendors to capture it all. Our in-house marketing team put together beautiful print and digital pieces to showcase the condo. All said and done, in a matter of days, we were ready to hit the market!

From there, things continued to happen fast. Within a week of listing the Noe Valley condo for sale, we received a handful of competitive offers. We guided our clients through negotiations and counter-offers—negotiations are one of our specialties—and the strategy really paid off! With a smooth 10-day close, for more than $200K over the asking price, our sellers were thrilled.

Best San Francisco Realtors

Whether through strategic timing and pricing, fierce negotiations, or high-ROI pre-sale improvements, our Vivre Real Estate team is here to help generate value during your transaction, in a real estate process that is successful, efficient, and enjoyable.

You may not be in the market now, but when the time comes, we’d love to be your trusted real estate advisor. Please feel free to contact us with any real estate questions. Also, stay up to date with our twice-monthly, custom-curated email newsletter! We work hard to bring you quality content every month, and we never share or sell your info. Sign up below, and talk soon!

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