Pre-market Home Sale in San Francisco

Can a pre-market home sale happen in San Francisco? Is selling pre-market something you should try to do as a San Francisco home seller?

The short answer is yes, and it depends.

Real estate is deeply personal. A property is a place to live, a major investment, and/or a family home with years of memories. Every buyer or seller’s situation is uniquely personal too.

With regard to a seller’s ideal timing and goals, it often makes sense to move out, fix up and professionally stage the property. This will increase your chance for the best possible sale price and a big ROI. We collaborate with sellers to strategize on a plan, coordinate and oversee all the work, so you can relax and watch the magic happen.

Or, for myriad personal reasons, a seller may not wish to invest time and money into pre-sale home improvements. They may not want a prolonged process of preparing and marketing their San Francisco home for sale. This is fine too! In our 2+ decades as top San Francisco real estate agents, we’ve helped all sorts of sellers to get great results.

(For more on listing prep, check out our blog: Do Most Homeowners Move Before Selling in San Francisco?)

Granted, there’s a lot to be gained from using a public marketing period to showcase your property to the widest possible swath of buyers. But again, real estate is personal. Maybe a super fast sale with minimal stress is your top priority. To make this happen, we leverage our network and professional connections to attempt to find your property a buyer while it’s still “coming soon”—not yet active and widely available on the MLS.

That’s exactly what we did in the sale of our recent Potrero Hill real estate listing!

selling Before Hitting the Market

In this case, the sellers really said it best. So, here’s their 5-star review of working with Danielle and the Vivre Real Estate team:

“After years as a rental, our grandparent’s beautiful Potrero Hill home was showing its age—still standing strong after almost 100 years, but seriously in need of some love and attention.

We called Danielle because we wanted someone who was knowledgeable in San Francisco real estate.

Within days she brought in multiple interested buyers before the house was even on the market and we were able to sell our house for a really good and fair price.

With Danielle and her excellent team on board it was a quick and painless process, and honestly it was kind of exciting to watch what someone with years of experience can do, which in our case was just a matter of days.

She is always available for questions, she gave us daily updates and helped us understand what to expect with every part of the sale. I highly recommend Danielle Lazier and her team and will definitely call her again. Thanks for everything!”

– Our very gracious seller clients

In more than two decades working in the San Francisco Bay Area market and well over 800 completed real estate transactions, getting results for the people we serve has never stopped being extremely fulfilling.

We were thrilled to connect our sellers with happy results, in a pre-market sale without all of the cost or stress you might expect.

Best San Francisco Listing Agent

Is it crazy to think you might resonate with our client’s situation selling a house in Potrero Hill? Wherever your home is located, where you’d like it to be, whatever your goals or your time frame… the first, crucial step to a real estate transaction is hiring an agent you trust to guide you through the process.

Maybe it goes without saying, but we’d love for that to be us!

Please reach out any time to schedule a no-pressure conversation and see if we’re a good fit. You can contact us here, or provide some details about your situation with our buyer worksheet or seller worksheet.

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