San Francisco Home Prices

Are home prices down in San Francisco?

Our latest newsletter is all about the USED CAR MARKET… except not really.

It’s also about the SF Bay Area real estate market—which, presumably, is why you’re here! Welcome.

Here’s the thing: The price of used cars is down, and it seems like they still have a long way to go. That’s because used car prices shot up so dramatically in the past 2 years, they could fall by half and STILL be relatively high.

The housing market hasn’t seen quite as dramatic a shift, but the median sale price of homes in the SF Bay Area has definitely increased more than usual. After the historic, record-breaking year that real estate experienced nationwide in 2021, something was bound to break.

Lately, the market has cooled—not crashed, by any means, but stepped down a few notches from crazy overheated. We’re headed to a more balanced market, where San Francisco home buyers (and sellers who intend to buy again, which is often the case) have more leeway to search for a new home, make offers, and retain important contingencies on financing and inspections.

There’s more to the story, of course. Click here to read it all over at VivreRealEstate.com.

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