Understanding Customary Closing Costs


Who Pays for What in San Francisco County

In San Franciso County, the Seller normally pays:In San Franciso, the Buyer normally pays:
  •  Real Estate Commissions
  •  Title insurance premiums
  •  Document preparation fee for Deed
  •  Document preparation (if   applicable)
  •   Documentary transfer tax
  •  Escrow fee
  •  Notary fees
  •  Notary fees
  •  Payoff of all loans in seller’s name (or   existing loan balance if being assumed by   buyer)
  •  Recording charges for all   documents in buyers’ name
  •  Interest accrued to lender being paid off,   statement fees, reconveyance fees   & any prepayment penalties
  •  Termite inspection (according    to contract)
  • Termite inspection and/or work   (according to contract)
  • Homeowners association   transfer fee (negotiable)
  •  Home warranty (according to   contract)
  •  All new loan charges (except   those required by lender for   seller to pay – see note)
  •  Any judgments, tax liens, etc.   against the seller
  •  Interest on new loan from date   of funding to 30 days prior to   first payment date
  •  Tax proration (for any taxes unpaid at the   time of transfer of title)
  •  Assumption/change of record   fees for takeover of exising loan
  •  Recording charges to clear all   documents of record against seller
  •  Beneficiary statement fee for    assumption of existing loan
  •  Any unpaid homeowners dues
  •  Inspection fees (roofing,   property inspection, geological,   etc.)
  •  Any bonds or assessments (according to   contract)
  •  Tax pro-ration (from date of   acquisition)
  •  Any and all delinquent taxes
  •  Home warranty (according to   contract)
  •  Note: On some FHA, VA or other   government-backed loans, the seller   would pay some loan fees that the buyer   cannot pay due to lender requirements.
  •  City transfer/conveyance tax   (according to contract)
  •  Fire Insurance premium for the   first year


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