San Francisco is full of rich culture with dozens of micro-neighborhoods offering a completely unique experience. Danielle Lazier started SFhotlist as the best San Francisco real estate blog back in 2002 to not only connect with people interested in the San Francisco real estate market, but to also connect others by being a resource for information about San Francisco’s diverse culture, history, and architecture. SFhotlist was the first San Francisco real estate blog and after 15 years, it’s still one of the best resources for San Francisco real estate topics and committed to be better than ever! Danielle also founded two other San Francisco real estate blogs: Noe Valley Market Update and Bernal Heights Real Estate.

The SFhotlist collective is a small group of highly experienced San Francisco real estate agents who have teamed up to offer a full-service experience. We are skilled consultants, down-to-earth educators, organized project managers, and fierce negotiators who are committed to providing our clients with the best results possible. We recently partnered with Compass San Francisco to further broaden our range of services and offer a more streamlined and technologically advanced approach to real estate.

Here’s a list of information you can expect to find on the SFhotlist blog:

Neighborhood Spotlights

In this category, we cover San Francisco history, culture, architecture, food, shopping, and more — neighborhood by neighborhood. Afterall, real estate is not just about square footage. It’s about how you live inside and outside your home. It’s important to take all factors into consideration when buying a house.

Together we know the ins and outs of San Francisco neighborhoods better than anyone else. We have lived and worked in these communities extensively, so we know what kind of lifestyle you can expect from each neighborhood (from what it’s like to raise a family, to what kind of shopping or nightlife is waiting around the corner). In these articles, we outline community history and highlight various aspects of the neighborhood such as good schools and parks, transportation, walkability, pet-friendliness, and nearby food options. We also showcase the best neighborhoods for views or murals, for example.

So far, we have covered several neighborhoods including Noe Valley, Duboce Triangle, Mission Dolores, Inner Mission, Chinatown, Bernal Heights, and more.

Fun Things To Do in San Francisco

Getting out and participating in some of the fun things San Francisco has to offer is a good way to explore different neighborhoods and find your place in the community. Although we can’t possibly cover all of the amazing things happening and the fun things you can do in this city, we do cover a lot of the staples. Every year we highlight the best spring and fall festivals in San Francisco, and keep you up-to-date on seasonal topics like: where to find the best haunted houses and trick or treating during Halloween, or where to spot the best decorated San francisco homes and find the best holiday activities.

San Francisco Real Estate Market Updates

Every week, we post a short video and summary with up-to-date information about the San Francisco real estate market. In our SFhotlist Monthly Market Update Video Series, we focus on 5 core areas: Single Family Homes, Condos, Noe Valley, Bernal Heights, and SF Inner Mission condos. Each video includes information about the number of active listings, median listing and sales prices, average number of days on the market before sale, and more. You can also view the Market Update videos on the SFhotlist YouTube channel.

Before and After: Real Estate Transformations

The SFhotlist Before and After Series showcases some of the transformations that we help our clients achieve to maximize the return on their San Francisco real estate investments. These articles help illustrate how to transform spaces and maximize the selling appeal of your home with room-by-room comparisons. Many clients are reluctant about investing in staging and home upgrades, unaware of the potential pay-offs.

In this series, SFhotlist helps illustrate how to transform spaces by rearranging or adding more complementary furniture, adjusting the lighting and choosing new wall colors. These articles also show how minor upgrades and accent pieces such as rugs and wall art can add flattering details that make spaces feel more open and inviting. Each article highlights improvements in curbside appeal, entryways, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, home offices, and outdoor spaces.

Tips for San Francisco Homesellers

There’s a lot at stake when selling a home and it’s all about the details. It’s a lengthy process that requires knowledge of the local market and how to get the best return on investment. To help homesellers get a better idea of what’s involved in the process, we cover topics on staging and interior design, the tax implications of selling a house, closing costs, tips about how to sell your home over the winter, gardening and landscaping tips, and more.

Tips for San Francisco Homebuyers

Buying a home in San Francisco is probably the biggest financial decision you will make in your life. There are many ways that the SFhotlist blog provides tips for homebuyers. In addition to our posts about various San Francisco neighborhoods and real estate market updates, this blog provides information on other factors that people often overlook during the homebuying process. Our experienced team of real estate agents provide the best tips on buying your first home in San Francisco, choosing the right home loan, how to become a qualified homebuyer, how to choose the right home insurance, some of the fees and closing costs you can expect to pay, and more.

San Francisco Home Maintenance

SFhotlist aims to provide helpful information about the ins and outs of the home-owning experience. In this blog, you will find San Francisco home maintenance tips such as how to prepare your home over the winter, what to do with your yard, how to prevent home burglary, and tips on how to maintain your home with eco-friendly cleaning products.

Tips about San Francisco Real Estate

If you’re a San Francisco homebuyer or homeseller, it is critical to understand the real estate market in order to find a home that best suits your budget and lifestyle. SFhotlist offers a cornucopia of tips about San Francisco real estate. In addition to our individual market updates and neighborhood showcases, the SFhotlist blog highlights major trends in the San Francisco housing market. We take a close look at the micro-markets and offer tips on whether you should rent or buy, the best locations to buy a home in San Francisco, the ins and outs of the condo market, the pros and cons of buying a fixer-upper, the top home renovations that add the most value in San Francisco, and yearly housing market forecasts.

SFhotlist Monthly Sales Updates

Every month we post a recap of the achievements for the Danielle Lazier :: SFhotlist Team and Compass San Francisco and outline what we’ve been up to. These monthly sales updates include a recap of our listings and sales, general updates on San Francisco real estate, as well as an overview of other topics we featured in the SFhotlist blog.

San Francisco Architecture

How lucky are we to live in a city full of beautiful views, landscapes, and architecture? From decorative houses, to lush city gardens, and spectacular vistas, SFhotlist showcases the architecture of your favorite picturesque neighborhoods in San Francisco. Some of the posts we have already done feature the culture and history associated with different styles of architecture in San Francisco, such as Edwardian, Marina-style, and Victorian. SFhotlist covers current trends in San Francisco architecture and features popular destinations such as the 16th Avenue Tiled Steps, Berkeley Rose Garden, Japantown Peace Pagoda, the Ferry Building, and Alamo Square which features the famous “painted ladies,” a row of Victorian-style pastel houses.

Read the Best San Francisco Real Estate Blog

The Danielle Lazier :: SFhotlist Team and Compass San Francisco is proud of the work that has been done on our San Francisco real estate blog so far because it empowers our clients. We hope to continue being a resource for San Francisco home sellers and buyers to learn about architecture, real estate trends, San Francisco market updates, and more.

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