Savvy home buyers know that the best home buying experience is had when a real estate agent is part of their team. From finding the best location and property to negotiating the best purchase price and terms, a real estate agent has the buyer’s best interests in mind.

Your real estate agent can save you time, effort, and money when you are buying your new home. It makes sense to rely on the experience and training of a real estate agent to create the best possible experience from both a personal and financial point of view.

It is up to your real estate agent to stay current on market trends, lifestyles of their clients, and optimal home design. An agent who is very familiar with the areas they serve will also be aware of both the aesthetic and environmental impact that homes can make on a neighbourhood.

Real Estate Technologies

All great real estate agents avail themselves of the latest technologies to serve their clients in achieving their goals. In the past few years, some new platforms have been launched into the market.

Two of the most popular real estate platforms are Compass and Redfin. While both are useful, Compass surpasses Redfin in some key areas. Let’s compare the two with statistics that are the most relevant to today’s real estate purchases.

Compass vs Redfin

In the last 12 months, Compass has generated $2.6+ billion in San Francisco home sales representing buyers versus $250 million by Redfin. Regarding the average sale price to list price percentage while acting as a buyer’s agent, Compass’ performance shows buyers paying 3.1% less as a percentage of list price than Redfin’s performance over the same time period.

Source: Compass

Sellers Also Benefit From Compass vs Redfin

During the period from April 2018 to March 2019, Compass has generated $3+ billion in San Francisco home listing sales when acting as listing agent with a Compass market share of 34%. Average sale price when acting as listing agent was 46% higher than Redfin over the same 12 months.

Source: Compass

Compass Outperforms Redfin Across the Board

San Francisco home sales where prices were $2 million+ showed $3+ billion in sales for Compass with a market share of 42% over Redfin at $150 thousand and a 1% market share. The number of $2+ million homes sold where Compass represented buyer and seller came in at over 900 versus less than 100 for Redfin over the past 12 months of activity. When comparing Compass vs Redfin, Compass is the clear winner, performing substantially better overall.

Source: Compass

About Compass

Compass is an operating system for real estate. An agent who relies on Compass for up to date leading edge real estate information has an advantage. With its innovative digital tools, Compass allows agents to spend time where it really counts; building relationships to fully understand their clients’ needs, wants, and desires.

Using robust analytics, Compass takes advantage of exceptional technology to help sellers to accurately price properties and list at the best time. Prospective buyers benefit from a global network of elite professionals. Agents are able to do a better job in collaboration with their clients.

Both buyers and sellers can take advantage of exclusive listings, before they go on the market, making their experience in buying or selling real estate as efficient as possible.


In 2018, Danielle Lazier + Associates sold over $104,000,000 in SF Bay Area residential real estate, selling more homes than any other SF Realtor (per MLS). We specialize in listing marketing and home buyer representation and are proud to say we have sold millions of dollars’ worth of San Francisco and Bernal Heights real estate. We work with a diverse clientele in terms of budget, property type, and location, but one thing remains consistent: our clients have a clear goal to maximize their San Francisco real estate investment and want us to help them because we deliver both results and an enjoyable experience.

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