This month, SanFrancisco Magazine had a piece entitled “The Berkeley vs Brooklyn smackdown“.  I think they got it all wrong … they should have written an article called “The Bernal Heights vs Berkeley smackdown”.  For some time now, our little neighborhood has been giving Berkeley a run for its money (or is that Bernal Bucks ?) for the title of “Gourmet Ghetto” of the Bay Area.

Bernal Heights new Marketplace
Bernal Heights new Marketplace

Now, with the opening of The Marketplace at 331 Cortland (@331Cortland on Twitter), an “indoor street food” marketplace, Bernal has decisively grabbed that crown from our neighbor to the east.  Even more awesome culinary delights have been added to the already pretty amazing foodie-heaven that is Cortland Avenue :

These 6  new vendors are in good company as they share a zip code with (to name a very few) Piqueos Peruvian Restaurant, Blue Plate, The Front Porch, Liberty Cafe, Vega (and its sister wine bar Vino Rosso where I can sit all night and drink Prosecco), SandBox Bakery, Good Life Grocery, Avedano’s Holly Park Market, and more.

With all of the added calories that Bernal now has to offer, I am making even more use of my membership at Fit Bernal Fit (our very own gym on Cortland).  My plan goes something like this:  lift some weights, run some intervals,  devour a few flaky empanadas and incredible vegan cookies while getting my Wusthof’s sharpened at Bernal Cutlery — all without feeling (too) guilty.

I heard that the building is green and solar powered — can anyone confirm that ?

Enjoy the Bernal Heights lifestyle – Hybrid Car-optional. 😉

PS. @MarriedWDinner – Great blog!

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