Bernal Heights San Francisco Real Estate
Bernal Heights San Francisco Real Estate

For those of us who live, love, and work in Bernal Heights or Glen Park (I’m a Bernal Heights Realtor.), we’ve known this is a fabulous place to live. And frankly, I do have a couple of issues with this article, not least, is the kind of random selection of recommended watering holes.

Nevertheless, we’ll take the good press when we get it!

Don’t worry, I don’t expect throngs of well-healed tourists just because we were written up in the New York Times! You’ll still be able to get into Valentina though maybe not our precious Gialina ever since Mr. Bauer came out of hiding and professed his love. (But that’s OK. More room for those of us who have been with them since the beginning!)

Glen Park Pizzeria
Glen Park Pizzeria

“Visitors to San Francisco can linger two or three days off the tourist track in this hilly and little-known tangle of streets, hiking, picnicking on fresh California fare and working up an appetite for the dozens of international restaurants and cafes they’ll find.

With a jog to trendy Noe Valley to the north and a side trip to the nearby Mission Dolores, the itinerary includes both the hip and the historical. It’s a San Francisco even some natives don’t know. Hotels are scarce, but house and apartment rentals are even better, since they make it possible to shop at local specialty food shops and cook at home.”

Read the article HERE.

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As a local homeowner and Bernal Heights Realtor, aka real estate expert (for real), I like to keep in the loop of what’s happening here on the Hill. Got a scoop on your favorite local Bernal Heights business? We’re happy to post it here.

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