Bernal Heights Currency
Bernal Heights Currency

Bernal Heights is one of San Francisco’s most interesting and diverse neighborhoods. Okay, fine. Sometimes, it does feel a wee lost in the ’60s but hey, I can go to Yoga in my craziest get-ups (think yoga pants, big wool sweater and Sorel snow boots) and no one looks at me funny! That’s pretty cool.

But seriously, in Bernal Heights, we have great real estate, restaurants, shopping, yoga, Pilates, and local resources like an independent video store, grocery store, dry cleaners, bank, and more. It’s very much like a country village in the City.

Bernal Bucks was created to be a “grassroots model for community finance: by tagging and circulating Bernal Bucks, residents and businesses visibly strenghten our local economy.”

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