The 8th Annual Bernal Heights Outdoor Cinema is coming !  5 Free Nights of local independent film at 5 different locations in our Bernal Heights neighborhood !   The magic begins on Wednessday, August 31  and runs through Sunday, September 4, 2011.  You know The Old Clam House down on Bayshore, that place you’re always pointing to and saying “We should go there for dinner soon” ? Well, here is your chance because opening night is being held at The Old Clam House on Wednesday August 31st.  More info on Opening Night festivities is TBA and the full line-up of films will be posted on July 25.

Back in 2009, I attended one of the BH Outdoor Cinema programmes and saw “The Owls of Bernal Hill” and “Last Day at the Nuthouse” — two amazing films about San Francisco — among several other very cool films.  That night, my friend and I hung out with my neighbors, had a couple (ok, maybe 3 or 4) brownies and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves even though the blustery weather forced the screening inside.

I don’t know about you but for me, August 31st seems so. far.away.  What am I going to do until then ?  To satisfy my yearning for local film, I’m going to hit up the next “Between The Stacks” screening on August 2, 2011.   BH Outdoor Cinema puts on quarterly indoor screenings at the Bernal Heights Branch of the San Francisco Public Library (our very own Frederick H. Meyer building is located at 500 Cortland St).  Check it out on Tuesday, August 2, 7:00 – 8:30 PM. The film is called FOOD STAMPED By Shira and Yoav Potash.

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