Real Estate Realities:

…Tales from the front line of buying and selling San Francisco real estate



We recently helped a buyer purchase her first condo in San Francisco. Jenna was introduced to us through a friend who is an agent in another town. He heard her complaining about her home search and immediately gave us a call. Before our initial consultation, we put Jenna in touch with a great mortgage broker so that we could talk more intelligently about her purchasing power and options in todays’ market. We also had her complete our Buyer’s Worksheet, which is a great goal-clarifying exercise for our clients and helps us to better understand what is most important to them in buying a home.

During our first meeting, Jenna was shocked at the limited supply of inventory that fit her search criteria. We explained which condo projects would & wouldn’t work with her loan product and what was going on with the listings still on the market. It turns out that Jenna’s former agent had been sending her to see property she couldn’t even qualify to purchase!

Within 3 days of our first meeting, Jenna had seen the available inventory and had her offer accepted on her “perfect fit” home! Jenna is now a proud owner of a condo in Downtown San Francisco!

Who do you know who is looking for a full-service real estate team?

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