Millionaire Watch: In Silicon Valley a Countdown Is Under Way

San Francisco Real Estate is different.

As written in DanielleLazier.com, our San Francisco real estate listings and lifestyle blog, we live in the land of dreamers and this is major reason why our real estate market continues to defy the odds. Sure, we have had our hard times. But comparatively, they are softer, less frequent, and less enduring. We were fashionably late to the real estate downturn “party” and barely stayed for that third glass of vino. Kind of like Coco Chanel, we are!

Check out Monday’s Wall St Journal article about all of the dreamers down the road in Silicon Valley who are readying themselves for the next wave of millionaires. We are bit more blase about these things in San Francisco but believe me, the buzz is out there. It might be a whisper but real estate folks are talking about their Facebook, LinkedIn, and/or Zynga clients. SFHotlist & Co is much too discrete to discuss such things but yes, the buzz is real.

…read more about SF Bay Area-dreamin’ and what Pretty Woman and real estate have in common.

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