How cool is this? The casting director of A&E’s Flip this House found MY blog and asked me to help get the word out for a new crew!! Obviously, I was both excited and flattered. Steve Grant wrote, “I think your blog is great, and could possibly be a great way to spread the word about the search for the new cast….”


But enough about me, what do you think of me? (Remember that timeless Bette Midler quote from Beaches?)

Anywho, do you want to be on television? Do you flip houses or want to? Check this out and MAKE SURE TO TELL STEVE YOU SAW THIS ON SFHOTLIST, THE BLOG! PLEASE AND THANK YOU.

Flip This House, A&E’s #1 rated lifestyle show, has been to Charleston, Atlanta, San Antonio, and New Haven. Which city will be next?!!

813 Casting and Departure Films are conducting a nationwide search for the new cast of characters who will be featured on the upcoming season of Flip This House! Will it be your team?

We’re looking for confident, charismatic, motivated and opinionated people who “flip” residential properties for a living. We want real-estate adrenaline junkies who love the high risk, high reward nature of their jobs and who are devoted to doing a great job!

If you would like your team to be featured on the upcoming season of Flip This House, send an email to fth@813casting.com. Include your contact info, bios on you and your team, and some reasons why your team should be the next to be featured on Flip This House! Teams should consist of four or more people.

Schedule an interview with Casting Director Steve Grant. Email fth@813casting.com

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