ABC, it’s as easy as 123: Why it’s essential to put down your iPad and invest in a home in San Francisco today

Yes, I am a Realtor so I am biased. Duh. But, honestly, folks. If you have stable employment and some savings (minimal needed for a FHA home purchase), and you’ve been considering the idea of buying your own home in San Francisco or San Mateo County, now really is the time.

Here’s why.

  1. Last night during an initial consultation with intelligent, thoughtful first time buyers, I was told, “Listen, Danielle. This is the best time I’ve seen for a buyer in the San Francisco market in a REALLY long time, as in since the 1990s.” Amen, brother.
  2. The CA Home Buyer Tax Credit for up to $10,000 signed into law today. Last year, the CA tax credit disappeared months before it was set to expire because of overwhelming home buyer demand.
  3. The Federal Home Buyer Tax Credit of up to $8000. Gotta be in escrow by end of April and close escrow by end of June 2010. That’s plenty of time if you’re serious and get started right away.
  4. Historically low mortgage interest rates.
  5. FHA low down payment financing easier and more available than ever. We’re working with many FHA home buyers and have figured out the kinks…mostly. 😉
  6. The San Francisco real estate market appears to have stabilized. I’m not saying prices are headed up anytime soon but most people think we’re pretty much at the bottom of the market. BTW, down turns in the SF housing market seem to occur about every 10-15 YEARS or more. Wanna wait that long for the next one?
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