Our fabulous and favorite organization “Friends of the Urban Forest” (FUF, as they are known) are hosting a very cool and very unique tour this Sunday, February 20th 10am to noon  — The Shotwell Victoriana Tree Tour. Meet at 21st and Shotwell in the Mission.

Anyone who has ever found themselves on that magical street named Shotwell cannot deny being in awe of the beautiful combination of massive old trees and classic old-timey architecture.  This particular walking tour, led by architect F. Joseph Butler  and certified arborist Ted Kipping, focuses on the houses and the trees and other landscape elements of the area.  What better way to learn Victorian architecture & distinguish between the Stick, Queen Anne, Gothic Revival and Italianate styles of houses constructed in this vibrant neighborhood? You know, for the next time you’re out looking for a Victorian home to buy in San Francisco!

p.s I would like to apologize to Betty Smith and her fans (I count myself among them) for contributing to the hundreds of re-formulations, re-creations and take-offs on her amazing and touching novel “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn”. In my defense, at least this isn’t as bad as the episode of Ugly Betty entitled “A Tree Grows in Guadalajara”.

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