Exploring the Vibrant San Francisco Summer Solstice Stroll

The doglettes and I bundled ourselves up — it *is* Summer afterall — and headed down to Cortland Avenue a little bit before the Stroll officially began. It was great to see all of the businesses getting ready for the big night!  Some were setting up tables on the sidewalk, some were giving out AMAZING candies (thanks Rock Candy Snack Shop! ) and others were putting the finishing touches on art installations and special displays. I didn’t get a picture of it but the front window of Succulence/Four Star Video is very cool.

This is what it must feel like in L.A. right before all the movie stars and celebutantes walk down the red carpet on Oscar Night !  Yes, it was that exciting…for me.

We weren’t the only strollers (pun entirely intended) and of course we ran into plenty of folks we know from around the neighborhood. That is what this special night is all about, right ?

Here are some photos of our walk.  Enjoy !

Solar Recharging station The New Wheel


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