I just read that changes are afoot at Liberty Cafe and Bakery on Cortland Avenue here in Bernal Heights ! New owners Vega and Guiseppe (the very cool owners of  Vega and Vino Rosso, two of my fav Bernal Heights eateries) have plans for the quaint cafe, wine bar and bakery space.  From the sounds of it, they will be collaborating with Mutsumi Takehara (of Sandbox Bakery and Eat at 903, also on Cortland Avenue) to provide the citizens of San Francisco with more amazing bakery goodness and pizza deliciousness.  What will this mean for this beloved Bernal Heights institution ?  Distilled from the report on Inside Scoop :

  • lunch, dinner and weekend brunch will still be served in the Cafe.
  • Mutsumi Takehara will be handling things at the bakery. Inside Scoop writes: “[Vega] says it was a natural fit: they had a bread oven, and Takehara was looking for a proper one to make more bread.”
  • In the evening, the bakery/back patio space will be serving thin-crust pizzas.  Expect heat lamps and movies on the patio, too!

Whoa ! Heat lamps, movies and pizza under the San Francisco sky ?!  Our own Foreign Cinema up here on the Hill ?!  I know where I’ll be spending my summer nights !

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