There is no doubt that you are likely to feel out of control during some parts of the home buying process. In a city like San Francisco, where demand is high and good property is scarce, buying a home is going to test your limits.

It may feel like everyone else has taken over your life. The seller, your lender, the appraiser, the inspectors… They all have the power to say “yes” or “no” to your moving plans.

A good real estate consultant will do their best to let you know ahead of time what to expect and what the unknowns are. They will tie down the loose ends as soon as possible and keep all balls in the air. They should educate you to the best of their ability and let you in “behind the scenes” so you won’t ever feel uninformed or out of the loop.

Always have an initial consultation with your prospective agent BEFORE looking at homes with them. The consultation will answer A LOT of your questions and get you started in the right way.

By understanding the process from the get-go, you will have a MUCH more enjoyable and successful home buying experience.

More resources on the home buying process, including a transaction flowchart can be found HERE.

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