Begin with the end in mind. Have an Ultimate Scenario of where you are headed. What will life be like when you get there? How will it be better than where you are now? What is your ideal new living situation? What do you really, really, truly want?

Focus on that picture and write it out, filling at least a page about how it feels to be living in your home. This is imperative.

Having your goal in front of you at all times energizes you to achieve it, in spite of setbacks and frustrations. Emotions will run high and you need an anchor. This written statement will act as your anchor when anxiety threatens to get the better of you.

Buying a home in San Francisco is no easy feat. Be informed, be prepared, and know what you want. Don’t get sidetracked or let our human nature to procrastinate block you. We tend to get in our own ways. We state a goal and then do everything we can to NOT reach it.


Keep your dream in front of you and you will be home soon. We promise!

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