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There’s a lot at stake when you are buying or selling a home — you want to get the best return on your investment if you’re selling and you want to find your dream home if you’re buying. These challenges mean it is essential that you have a top San Francisco real estate agent to guide you through the home selling or home buying process.

Every real estate agent should have certain qualifications and a top real estate agent will have even more. As a team of top real estate agents in San Francisco, Danielle Lazier + Associates understand what it takes to produce top notch results in San Francisco’s competitive real estate market. If you’re hiring a real estate agent, these five qualities separate the best from the rest:

Experience and a Solid Reputation

The truth is that there is no such thing as a natural when it comes to buying and selling homes. Real estate is a complex business, and it takes years to fully understand all of the intricacies and potential issues involved with buying and selling a home in San Francisco. Generally speaking, any top San Francisco real estate agent will have at least several years of experience and a stellar reputation for providing outstanding service and support. For instance, Danielle Lazier + Associates have been in the San Francisco real estate business for almost two decades, and, with hundreds of past transactions under their belts, are regarded as industry innovators.

Extensive Knowledge of San Francisco Neighborhoods

Another thing that separates a top San Francisco real estate agent from the rest is an extensive knowledge of the local area. Even if a real estate agent has years of experience, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are an expert at buying and selling real estate in San Francisco. Like most cities, each neighborhood in San Francisco has distinct qualities. This is where hiring an experienced local agent can be a huge benefit, as there is simply no way for an agent to know all of the important details about the various neighborhoods without having direct experience. This makes it essential that you choose someone who is fully knowledgeable about the city and can provide you with honest advice about the various neighborhoods in order to help you make an informed decision.

A Team Approach

The best real estate agents tend to work within a team. By hiring an agent that is part of a larger team, you can ensure that you receive assistance and advice from not just one person, but an entire group of real estate experts with the experience and knowledge of the local market, including experience in your target neighborhoods. Buying or selling a home in San Francisco is a complex, a sophisticated, and often a deeply personal endeavor. Clients deserve the full service and attention that only a team of experts can consistently provide.

Knowledge of San Francisco Real Estate Trends

The San Francisco real estate market is constantly changing, and unless your real estate agent puts in the time and effort to stay up-to-date with market trends, they will not be able to offer the best advice to their clients. Real estate market trends are tricky, especially in San Francisco, and that’s one of the main reasons people hire a real estate agent. How do you know when the market is hot? When is the best time to sell? Danielle Lazier + Associates always make it a priority to stay on top of San Francisco real estate trends. Each month we even feature market update videos that focus on five key areas of San Francisco real estate. Simply subscribe to our YouTube Channel to see the updates!

Free Real Estate Consultation

No real estate agent worth their weight will ask for any money up front. Top San Francisco real estate agents want to work with qualified home buyers and motivated home sellers. The consultation process will help determine whether or not the agent and potential client are a good fit for working with one another.

During a free consultation with Danielle Lazier + Associates, you will be asked the types of questions that a typical agent may never take the time to ask you. The goal is to discover what is really important to you because real estate transaction success comes from a focusing on each of our clients’ top priorities.

Are You Looking for a Top San Francisco Real Estate Agent?

Look no further! Danielle Lazier + Associates deliver top results and an enjoyable experience every time. We attribute our success not only to our passion for real estate, but also to our intuition regarding the psychology of buying and selling in San Francisco.

Please reach out to us for a free consultation and let’s get started!

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