SF Bay Area Real Estate Predictions 2023

What will happen in San Francisco Bay Area real estate, mortgage rates, strategy and design in 2023?

Short answer: Nobody knows! Look at 2020 for a great example of how quickly the conventional wisdom can turn on its head.

Longer answer? Well, we know enough now to make some educated guesses. There are recent indicators of mortgage rates beginning to fall, or at least reaching their peak. There is also reason to believe that home prices will be mixed. In 2023, the most in-demand properties that “check all the boxes” will likely see prices rise, while others could stay flat or even fall.

There is more to the story. Head to our Vivre Real Estate blog for our full rundown on 2023 Real Estate Predictions for the San Francisco Bay Area market.

Vivre 2023 real estate market predictions for the San Francisco Bay Area
Vivre 2023 Real Estate Market Predictions for the San Francisco Bay Area

San Francisco Real Estate Market Updates

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