berna heights garage sale

Dozens of pop-ups will be invading Bernal Heights on August 11th in the form of individual and group garage sales for the annual Bernal Hillwide Garage Sale.

Do you want to know what one of the best things about the annual Bernal Heights Hillwide Garage Sale is ? You don’t need to have an actual garage in order to sell your stuff!  There are so many other great things about this day:  a strengthened sense of community throughout the entire neighborhood, the  lemonade and cookie stands run by young (and I’m talking young) Bernal entrepreneurs and the stream of non-Bernalites coming to our little corner of The City to check out our wares, sip on our fabulous coffee and eat our fantastic food.  The awesome “say hello to everyone you see walking around” vibe flowing through the streets warms my foggy and cold San Francisco Summer heart.

For those Bernal residents among our readers, consider cleaning out your tiny closets and kitchen cupboards and selling a few things.  Get more information on the Bernal Business Alliance website  and don’t forget to look at the the neat Google map (this map will be invaluable on the day of the garage sale when you are organizing and strategizing in order to maximize the amount of ground covered and the number of deals scored).  Most sellers accept only cash, so be prepared with plenty of single dollar bills.  However, I did notice one or two folks who will be using Square to accept credit cards – I love that!



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