My advice to folks considering buying or selling San Francisco real estate in today’s market:

To the first time buyer:


(This is a “once in 10 to 15 years” kind of opportunity. TICs, Condos, Lofts and some single family homes are ON SALE.

Rates remain historically low and loan options abound for those with low or high down payment.) Read more here. FHA loan info here.

To the home owner of 1-3 years:

HOLD* **

Stay put and enjoy your home. It will be a great investment in time. Don’t worry! You own your home in one of the World’s most coveted Cities! You are not a renter! You save money in taxes!

*Exception #1: those of you who have the $ to either keep your place as an investment or take the loss and benefit on the trade up home. See the next section.

**Exception #2: those of you who are in over your heads. maybe you can do a loan modification? maybe you just need to sell and go back into the rental market until your financial situation improves. this should be the last resort b/c if you hold onto your San Francisco property for the long-run, it is almost guaranteed to be worth a lot more. Property here tends to double in value every 10 +/- years…. I do NOT have a crystal ball so no promises.

To the homeowner of 3-5 years:


Ask us to help you determine what your current home is worth AND what your next dream home costs with today’s discounts.

Depending on the answer, it might save you money now and make you more money in the long-term to move-up in a down market. Plus you get the house of your dreams.

Benefits of Trading Up in a Down Market HERE.)

To the homeowner of 5+years:


Long-term gains in San Francisco real estate remain substantial. Take advantage of the discount in the home your really want, whether it’s a easy-living South Beach condo or a trophy house on Liberty Hill.

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