Bernal Heights Real Estate is back in demand – not that it ever really wasn’t. Okay, the reality of today’s market (and the market of years to come?) is “survival of the fittest”. (Happy Birthday, Darwin!)

Not all homes for sale in Bernal Heights (or most SF neighborhoods) will sell. In my world, we think about it this way. Are you “Just Listed” or actually selling your home?

Funny but not really. There is a lot of time, money, and emotional energy involved in properly preparing and marketing a home for sale. This is time, money and energy for the Realtor but also for the home seller. If you’re not serious about selling, don’t put yourself through the heartache.

But if you are serious about selling your home in Bernal Heights, I’ve got some good news for you. Our last listing, 3686 Folsom Street – an attractive Mid-Century Single Family Home – received 2 strong offers within the first 2 weeks on market. About 67 serious home buyers attended the first open house in January. (The market is even better now.) We helped our clients properly prepare their home for sale and provided an affordable, reliable fix-up crew. Hiring the right agent can make all of the difference. *

Fun Facts on the Bernal Heights Real Estate Market:

  • 69 Bernal Heights single family homes sold during the past 6 months
    • On average, it took just under 2 months to sell a home and the final sales price was 100.44% of the original list price. (Price it right from the start.)
    • The median sales price was $770,000.
    • The highest sales price in Bernal Heights was $1,295,000 for a 3 bedroom, 3 bath home on Moultrie Street.
    • The lowest sales price was $150,000 for a 4 bedroom, 2 bath home on Rutledge Street. WHAT? Yes, this was an anomaly and not a usual type of home. London Bridge is falling down.
  • 14 homes did not sell within the past 3 months (expired or withdrawn)

Local home values Bernal Heights Free Report.

* Tip: Instead of interviewing 5-10 agents (which can take a lot of time), why not meet with 1 or 2 reputable Bernal Heights agents and then talk to their past clients? It’s a much more accurate and efficient way to find out if what we promise is truly what we deliver…

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