We recently purchased our first home with the help of the Vivre Real Estate team, and we couldn’t be happier with Josh, Danielle, and the team. Josh did everything exactly right — he listened and heard our hopes and concerns on our first call, gave us advice about homes/neighborhoods/the process, and carefully coached us through each offer that we made. Although it’s a huge, scary purchase, we knew we had a champion fighting for us to help us through it all. He’s super fast and responsive (via call, text, or email), checking in frequently before and after submitting an offer. It might sound a little cheesy, but we also appreciated his emotional awareness and empathy — we could tell that he really wanted us to win, and we appreciated the way he checked in and encouraged us when we submitted an offer that didn’t. Something else we really appreciated was that the team didn’t just advise us to make the highest offer possible on any home! Josh tried really hard to find the balance of making the right winning offer that would get the deal done, but without overpaying. That was much appreciated as we tried to keep our budget in mind in the very expensive SF market. Of course, buying a home also involves a lot of paperwork, and the team made that process smooth as well — after having an offer accepted, not only did everything go without a hitch after that, we even closed nearly a week early! If you’re looking for an agent, you stop reading this review and immediately reach out to Josh & Danielle. They’re awesome. 🙂