When I first wanted to buy a house in SF, I talked to a number of listing agents and all of them were trying to play the usual games with me. Danielle was straight forward, didn’t try to upsell me on things I didn’t want, and understood that I just wanted to get in, make an offer, and close the deal. She gave me great advice on the offer and helped me with a great cover letter (that I hear was received well, and was a tie breaker for another deal). At the end of the day, there were 13 other offers and Danielle was extremely responsive and helped me rapidly counter multiple times which ultimately led to me getting the place. It was a great experience, and 6 years later, I decided to work with her again to sell it now that we have a kid.

Fast forward 6 years. I decide to work with Danielle again and I have zero regrets. She continues to be professional, no-bs, and no games. Danielle knew what small improvements the place could use to make it feel more modern and sell better in this market (like new flooring). She and her team coordinated all of the contractors, paperwork, documentation, and buyer questions and made the selling process super easy. She knew what price to set the house to generate interest, held multiple effective and very busy open houses. She and her clearly team know how to navigate the fast paced SF market and know what they are doing.

Even with (what I perceive as) a softening market, she managed to collect 9 offers in 2 weeks, walked me through all of the offers, and managed to sell for an amount I was happy with to a lovely buyer.

When I look to buy a house again, I will absolutely be working with Danielle and her team.

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