We worked with Danielle and Zena to sell our 1 bedroom condo in North Beach last month and we would definitely recommend them! We appreciated the depth of their team and how easy they made the process for us in terms of setting up staging, painting, inspections, etc. We also were really impressed by the quality and attention to detail of their marketing materials. At Danielle’s recommendation, we had two weekends of open houses before accepting offers. We received 6 solid offers and were very happy with the offer we accepted. It was only a month from the time we moved out of our home until it closed (including painting, staging, photography, open houses, offers, and a 10-day closing) which was really important to us since we had to pay rent on a temporary place and wanted to minimize the time of paying both mortgage and rent. The speed with which their team was able to get the house ready was a big selling point for us. Thanks Danielle and Zena!

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