My partner and I worked with Eve Fisher to buy our first home this winter, and absolutely loved our experience with Eve, Danielle, and the Compass team. We weren’t initially sure whether we wanted to buy at all, and Eve was super understanding of where we were at in the process – she didn’t put any pressure on us, just offered to send us listings she thought we would like and made it clear that we could see them or totally ignore them if we weren’t interested. As we got into the phase where we were actually thinking about making an offer, Eve was very knowledgeable (she found us the house we ended up buying, based on what she knew about our taste from our initial conversations!) and, maybe more importantly, was always open and honest with us and made us really feel like we had someone on our side through a complex process. She worked behind the scenes to make the process as smooth as possible for us, and she was always there with advice – but made sure we didn’t feel rushed or pushed. She was very engaged throughout the process – at one point we were talking with her on the phone multiple times a day. She is also a fun and kind person and we enjoyed getting to know her throughout this process.

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