I’m not really a review writer but like you I ALWAYS read them and if you’re reading this, you’ve found your realty team. Full stop.

I can’t encourage you enough to put yourself in the care of Danielle Lazier + Associates. I bought my first home this year and when I talk to people about how well it went, I feel like the smartest, savviest person alive but I truly wouldn’t have been able to do it without Eve and Danielle!

Eve Fisher is so incredible! She got me to closing with such confidence and professionalism and emotional guidance …she’s basically my personal hero. She kept me on task and always put my priorities directly forefront. With kindness and scrupulous ethics, she explained my choices through all the twists and turns and took care of things I didn’t want to do and/or didn’t understand like she was magical or something. She advocated unwaveringly for me, comforted me, validated my frustrations and basically made me feel like her only client which I’m quite sure is NOT the case! She helped me get a property that I love and I cannot even express how excited I was when I made my first mortgage payment this month! Through the whole experience, Eve was a total expert! From negotiations with a seller who was out of the country, two different mortgage lenders, inspections and appraisals and insurance folks, my best interests were hers start to finish. Eve demonstrated this constantly with consistent, straightforward communication, transparency and genuine care.

My appreciation and admiration is truly beyond what I’m able to put into words but hopefully you are catching my drift. Amazingness! All the stars! Every. Single. One. Thanks team!

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