This review is long overdue! We worked with Tanya Dzhibrailova and Danielle Lazier in 2011 when purchasing our first home. The whole experience was great and very smooth. They were very responsive and as soon as we were interested in making an offer on the condo they were on it. We bought the condo for a fair price and I felt like our best interests were really being looked out for.
Flash forward to January 2016. We decided to sell our house and relocate to Southern California. We reached out to Tanya and Danielle because they were so great to work with the first time and felt they would be the best to represent us in selling our home.
I had no idea how to best approach the move in terms of the logistics: packing, staging, moving out or living in the house while it was on the market, etc (all with a new baby!). After a 5 minute conversation with Danielle it seemed very obvious what the process needed to be. We moved out, the contractor came in for touch up and repairs, stager came in and made the house look amazing, there was a 2 week sales cycle with 2 weekends of open houses and a week night broker tour, and then offers were accepted. I could go on at length but in short Tanya and Danielle are awesome! Even though they are at two different agencies Tanya and Danielle really function as a team. They literally handled everything. We were kept in the loop with all the details, but they scheduled the inspections, hired the contractor, the stager, the photographer and it was all seamless to us. We were in communication throughout the whole process which was key. In talking to friends who sold their house at the same time as we did and even compared to our own experience in purchasing our new house I feel like they really went above and beyond the expectations of a real estate agent. I rarely needed to call to ask questions about anything because they had already prepared us or had called me. Before we listed the house we were asked what our priorities were. We wanted to get the best price that we could and wanted it done fast. Our expectations were truly surpassed. The offer that we accepted was much higher than we had hoped. That put us in a really good position when making an offer on our new house and ultimately we were the successful bidder. Once again it was a very smooth process and we felt very well taken care of. I know how crazy the SF real estate market is and how busy Tanya and Danielle both are, but they make you feel like you’re their only client.

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